Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Looking for high-quality conference badges or personalized backstage passes? Sick of white paper name badges? Look no further!

Variable Data
Variable data printing at Access Pass & Design means we are able to personalize each individual live-event credential with a different name, company, title, and numbering. This allows your attendees to easily identify each other, represent their company or organization, and shows them you went the extra mile to make a badge just for them.

Major national and international conferences and organizations like Hilton Meetings, Billboard Events, Capitol One, NAMM, Canadian Music Week, Pollstar, Commonwealth Financial Network, Global Gaming Expo, and Wells Fargo trust us to provide top-quality, accurate, attendee badges to represent their brand. Additionally, many of our college sports teams make personalized badges for their season credential holders, working staff, and crew.

Just send us a simple spreadsheet of the data you want represented on the badge (first name, last name, title, organization, etc) along with the associated badge designation (VIP, Guest, All Access, etc) and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll see a complete data proof .pdf for your approval before we ever go to print. This way, we ensure that your attendees are represented correctly and you enhance your event brand.

In our experience, personalized badges more often become keepsakes of the event than a non-personalized badge, which means that the sponsorship you sold associated with the badge is worth even more.

Access Pass & Design excels at other types of live-event credential customization as well, like versions (Day 1 Pass vs. Day 2 pass, etc) and badge designations (VIP, guest, AAA, etc).

Call today to learn how our variable data printing and customized credentials can.

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