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Matrix Laminates

Matrix Laminates

Our signature matrix laminate (you may know it as a tour laminate, backstage pass, or custom VIP pass) is the ideal live-event credential to control access and maintain security, all while enhancing your brand and/or band!

The matrix laminate is our best selling product, and is used for custom backstage passes, custom VIP passes, hospitality badges, tour staff credentials, and more.

Our award-winning designs coupled with innovative security solutions (exquisite foil, UV ink, custom shapes, RFID/NFC integration) make for an event credential which maintains security while making your staff, talent, and VIPs proud to be wearing the badge.

We can print variable data to allow personalization of all your custom VIP passes - giving recognition to your tour staff.

Choose between teslin or card stock substrate, with varying thicknesses of lamination, all to fit within your budget and to withstand the rigors of your tour, festival, or venue.

Need custom VIP passes onsite? Our new cold lamination system is a turnkey solution for creating on-site photos and customized backstage passes, on the go.

And remember to use barcodes, QR codes, or RFID/NFC technology for easy lead retrieval and social media integration.

The matrix laminate is the gold-standard for the concert / touring industry - it’s the trusted solution for all your custom VIP pass, backstage pass, live event credential needs.

Call us today and choose the best solution for your tour, venue, or live entertainment event.

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  • Matrix Laminates
  • Matrix Laminates
  • Matrix Laminates
  • Matrix Laminates
  • Matrix Laminates
  • Matrix Laminates

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