Incentive Travel Exchange

Megan Parsons, account executive at Access Pass & Design, traveled to Las Vegas last week to participate in the Incentive Travel Exchange.

Incentive travel is the vacation travel awarded to sales personnel and other departmental employees who reach the goals set for them by their executives and shareholders. The Incentive Travel Exchange took place from June 17-19, and “brings together pre-qualified hosted buyers and hand selected sellers of incentive travel for two days of pre-arranged meetings and networking.”

Access Pass & Design does a lot of work in the travel industry, designing and manufacturing custom-shaped luggage tags, high-end tour group passes, and travel itineraries.

Our luggage tags are our most popular item in the travel industry (we make similar golf bag tags as well). We can personalize them with traveler names or apply a matte finish, allowing for travelers to write their contact information with a sharpie.

Megan also had a chance to visit The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and some of our other clients in Las Vegas. All in all, it was a great trip!

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P.S. Kayla’s cats don’t go on vacations because Kayla doesn’t go on vacations.

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