Access Pass & Design Tours the Southwest (part 3)

Our golf escapades could only last so long, and Los Angeles, Pollstar Live! 2012 and Event Live Expo 2012 were calling.

Set at the JW Marriott and LA Convention Center, these two conferences brought together the top executives, vendors, and agents in the national and international music industry.

Access Pass & Design manufactured the conference laminates for Pollstar Live! 2012. Bill and Cecil we were there daily to provide on-site accreditation solutions, while Carl and Lee manned our booth at the Event Live Expo. We received a lot of interest in our backstage passes and tour itineraries, as well as our new product offerings like custom drum heads, backdrops, and passes integrated with RFID.

Daily panel sessions focused on innovations in event technology, the future of live events, and more. Michael Lewis, the author of Moneyball (the book that inspired the 2011 film) gave the keynote address.

Photo courtesy Pollstar Live! 2012, Jason Squires and Barry Brecheisen

While our days were full of education, our nights were entertaining! Evenings were spiced with Lakers games, a concert by The Jayhawks, the ever-popular late-night hospitality at the lobby lounge, and the Pollstar Awards show, hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick.

By the time it was all done, we were ready to get back home – though none so ready as our well-meaning, but rookie marketing coordinator, Cecil, who scheduled our return flight for 8am the day after the conference! The early lobby call didn’t stop us from the necessary final-night frivolity, but we won’t let him forget it either!

In all it was great to see LA again, and all our friends, partners, and associates who make this industry such a great place to work. See you next year for Pollstar Live! 2013 and Event Live Expo 2013!

Signing off.

Access Pass & Design
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P.S. Did you attend Pollstar Live! 2012 or Event Live Expo 2012? Let us know your thoughts on how it went.

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