Tour Link 2013 and Pollstar Live! 2013


When it rains it pours, and in Scottsdale, Arizona that’s just what it did!

While the ground was soaking up the moisture outside, inside of the Talking Stick Resort, Tour Link attendees were soaking up the latest industry info from veterans of the industry, including Henry Bordeaux, Mike Savas, Jim Digby, our very own Seth Sheck, and many others.

Tour Link 2013, a three day music conference from January 24-26, showcased many panel sessions addressing pressing industry issues, with topics ranging from Event Safety and Enhancing the Fan Experience to You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up, where tour dogs talked about being on the road over the years and some of the more colorful stories that ensued.

The evenings at the resort were highlighted by cocktails, conversations & lots of face time with our valued clients, partners, and new friends. The conference was capped off by the awards show where the industry professionals themselves nominate their favorite vendors, tour managers & hotels.

In the end, Access Pass & Design was honored to receive the their first Tour Link 2013 Top Dog Award for top pass/itinerary company. We are very proud of this award and of our team – thanks to everyone who helped us get there!


From Scottsdale to LA…

Pollstar Live! and Event Live take place concurrently at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. The two events have proven to be highlights in the Entertainment industry. Occurring from February 5th-7th, entertainment professionals (booking agents, artist managers, hoteliers & many others) come together to share ideas and solve problems. Pollstar Live! conference is a great way to meet newcomers as well as shake hands with old friends & colleagues.

Event Live is consistently one of the best trade shows in the industry, showcasing every aspect of putting on professional live events.

We promise to give a full recap of both Pollstar Live and Event Live soon.

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Proud Partners!


Featured Partner: Tour Supply

We’re in high-gear for our concert-touring season, with lots of great bands and touring acts on the road, here in the states and internationally.

Since many of the live events we serve are always looking for the best production and sound equipment for the job, let us take a moment to introduce one of our key partners: Tour Supply.

Tour Supply
, Inc. is the industry leader for touring and sound essentials. Their product line is broad, from guitar and drum equipment, effects, and accessories, to expendables (gaffers tape, batteries, etc), to pro audio and wireless systems.

They’ve made a name for themselves by being reliable and extremely knowledgeable, while offering their products at a phenomenal value.

We’re proud to work alongside them in serving our touring and live-sound clients, and we hope you take the time to visit their website and contact them for your sound and touring needs. // 1-866-480-8687


Northern Nevada is now the proud owner of a brand new off-road racetrack, the Reno Wild West Motorsports Park, located just east of Sparks. Access Pass & Design was fortunate to be there, not only to christen the venue (with the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series) but to witness our tech-embedded badges in action!

Last week Danny Heinsohn and Megan Parsons took a personal tour of the new course. Thanks to Crystal Liby, who handles client services and driver relations for the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, Danny and Megan both got to walk the course and even get some behind-the-wheel time.

But the real thrill-ride was witnessing the integration of our Access Pass & Design credentials (access badges, wristbands, etc.) with on-site RFID readers. The badges, which contain a uniquely identified RFID chip, could be registered on site and associated to an individual attendee. Attendees then wirelessly scanned their credentials at specialized locations to become eligible for onsite prize giveaways, take green screen photographs, and automatically post to their personal Facebook profiles.

OK – maybe the ride-along was more exciting, but it was great to see our RFID-enabled passes in action!

The big motor-sports fan that she is, Megan’s passion for the sport wasn’t satisfied with just looking at the course, so over the weekend she returned in order to watch some real racing. Two days of sharp turns, high jumps, and tons of speed. Megan and her family of racing fanatics showed up with high expectations, and needless to say, they were not disappointed.

Some of the biggest names in the industry were on hand for the event. Brian Deegan, Jeremy McGrath, Carl Renezeder, Carey Hart, and John Harrah were all in attendance and even showed great hospitality by walking around and talking to the attendees.

“The event was amazing – it was very well done. I’m glad that we have a great family event that will bring more motorsports action to the area,” said Megan this week.

Thanks to the Wild West Motorsports Track and to Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – we look forward to working with you in the future!

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Live events – ways to drive revenue and satisfy your sponsors!

On August 17th our account executive, Danny Heinsohn, presented at the 2012 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Host Seminar in Kansas City.

His topic: Develop an experience platform to drive revenue for a national championship event.

The NAIA plays host to 23 national championship events and this year’s seminar brought in over 40 event executives who develop programs and activate at these events. Danny shared his expertise and some case studies, and these are some of the take-aways that resonated within the group:

  1. Think differently – redefine potential sponsors as potential partners, and create opportunities within your event that not only generate ROI for the sponsor, but really cement the relationship between their brand and the event.

    Avis sponsored the NY Marathon by having a group of Avis employees train and run as support runners for a group of blind marathoners. Everyone they passed during the race connected the positive emotion of their sponsorship with the Avis brand.
  2. Enhance the attendee experience and leverage hard costs by incorporating QR scans, NFC taps, and augmented reality. Offer incentives for attendees that extend post-event, like digital downloads, exclusive video content, coupons, retail discounts, etc.

    Access Pass & Design’s commemorative fan passes are an ideal platform to encourage these interactions.
  3. Commemorate your events. Our high-quality commemorative tickets, fan badges, and custom marketing collateral become keepsakes and are physical connections to the event experience. This means greater brand exposure and a deeper relationship between brand and attendee.
  4. Be proactive. There is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Start or expand an intern program to take over your “busy” work – interns are relatively inexpensive and are eager to prove their worth.
  5. Businesses go through cycles of change and timing is everything. Be aware when contracts are due to expire and position yourself to strike with a solution that drives ROI for your clients and sponsors.
  6. Always stay in touch with your prospects – success in sales and marketing is dependent upon presence and momentum. Follow up!
  7. Above all, stay the course. Persistence pays off. Do what it takes to follow through with your objectives – an extra half-hour a day in prep goes a long way.

Now Danny’s trip wasn’t all work and no play, he did manage to make a stop to visit our clients, the Kansas City Royals (thanks to Paige in KC Royals Operations), who hosted the MLB All-Star Game this year.

Hotdogs, beer, and baseball; the perfect way to finish a nice business trip.

For insights on leveraging marketing collateral to drive ROI, please contact Danny at 775.356.7727 x17 or

Access Pass & Design and Eventbrite

We’ve begun a partnership with Eventbrite, the hugely popular online resource for event ticketing and registration. “With Eventbrite, organizers can create a customizable event page; spread the word with social media; collect money; and gain visibility into attendees and sales” (

The two companies realized they shared many of the same customers and target market.

Many event organizers want to, in addition to using an easy online ticketing system, create commemorative tickets or custom badges and credentials for their events. Those were services that up until now, Eventbrite wasn’t able to offer or source. However, we are now working in collaboration to create a more seamless set of resources for any type of event.

Since the resources that Eventbrite and Access Pass & Design provide to event planners are not in competition, we are excited that our partnership will provide real value to our customers and allow both companies to expand their customer base.

We’ll be keeping you updated on our partnership and other exciting news for both companies. Stay informed by following us on Facebook and Twitter:


For more information on the partnership, contact Stephen Person of Access Pass & Design (702-324-9882).

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P.S. Have you used Eventbrite before? What do you think about the partnership? Share your thoughts below!