About a month ago Kyle Fleming, our resident intern at Access Pass & Design, asked me, “Cecil, do you consider yourself extreme?”

Now Kyle is a prior Army guy and so his version of extreme is different than mine. To be safe I said, “No – not really.” He gave me an unconvinced look and said, “I think you’d be interested in this.”

That’s when I watched the Tough Mudder video online and Kyle and I hatched our idea about representing Access Pass & Design at the Tough Mudder: NorCal 2011. It was to take place at Squaw Valley USA on September 17th and 18th.

Over the next few weeks we planned our costumes (which didn’t involve much in the way of clothing as you can see), analyzed the obstacles we would face, and practiced our body painting. We tried, in vain, to convince some of our fellow APDs to run with us.

On Sunday, Tough Mudder: NorCal 2011 was upon us.

We endured 11 miles of running and hiking through the High Sierra of Squaw Valley. Starting in the Village, the Tough Mudder route took us on a winding course to the top of both the Palisades and KT22, through an elephant-sized bucket of ice-water, over 12 foot walls, through snow, into mud, underwater tunnels, over and under barbed wire, over a 20 ft jump into an icy alpine lake, along a 4 inch wide, 40 ft long plank above a frigid pond, and through a gauntlet of electrodes charged with 10,000 Volts.

Through it all we wore an RFID shoe bracelet that tracked our progress and posted to our Facebook. Our pain became the viewing pleasure of our friends, and Kyle and I became the real-life users of event technology we help to produce every day. It was fitting.

Dos Equis was a sponsor of the event and immediately after finishing we were each awarded our orange Tough Mudder headband, event T-shirt, and a cold, dark, incredible Dos Equis XX. It tasted wonderful.

And while it was just Kyle and me this year, we’ve convinced a number of the APD Team to join us next year. The real question is, can the Tough Mudder handle more of us in our eye-catching, skin-baring costumes?

~ Cecil

Access Pass & Design
Our credentials. Your confidence.

p.s. Have you run a Tough Mudder? Did they have RFID? Tell us about your experience!

2 thoughts on “RFID and MUD!

  1. I just became aware of your company via the RGJ article today. Being an RFID systems designer I was curious to see if you were using the technology. I am very pleased to see the answer right on top of your blog. Kudos!

    Good Luck, you seem to have a good product, I look forward to learning more soon.

    • Thanks Paul – glad you found us!

      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how we (and the brands we work with) are using RFID, and I’m sure we’d like your input as well, especially concerning your insight into future technology and trends with RFID.



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