And the Access Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge goes to…

Employee-of-the-week-award-badge-BrianBrian Balik!

Brian has earned our very first Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge.


Well, Brian successfully parked his truck in ONE parking space, rather than TWO, for the last THREE days in a row. He’s developed quite the reputation round these parts – parking his big Ford F150 six ways from Sunday, none of which seems to resemble a standard, civil, parking job.

But that all changed this week. Perhaps it was because of the company-wide announcements we’d make when his truck bed was fully spilling into another parking space, or when we propped his windshield wipers up because we couldn’t get into our own cars without squeezing like the pancake man at the end of BeetleJuice. Either way, he changed his ways.

We reward our employees for a job well done, whether it’s making the best backstage passes and sports and conference badges in the world, or simply fitting oneself between the lines.

And what better to give them to acknowledge their success? An Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge by Access!

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Drake goes gorgeous, increased security backstage

drake_owl_custom_shapedbackstage_passWant to make a gorgeous backstage pass, and make it secure as hell? Here’s an example of one of the music industry’s biggest acts, who worked with us to do just that.

Check out Drake’s backstage pass for their 4th Annual OVO Fest last year (recently released from our secure vault).

It’s hard to argue with a custom backstage pass that looks this good. A full flood of holographic metallic foil, filling the custom custom shape of the OVO owl gives the event badge the look and feel of precious metal and made it much more difficult to duplicate.

We had a blast working with Drake’s team to make this piece of art.

Access Pass & Design
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Jurassic 5 on national tour, using Access custom backstage passes

Access-backstage-passes-Jurassic-5The LA hip hop act, Jurassic 5, has been back together for the past year and they have been hitting it hard, touring the nation and reminding audiences why they caused such a big stir in the nineties and 2000s. Their re-entry to the spotlight came with none other than Coachella music festival in 2013, where they drew great reactions from the crowd, and we’ve been working with them the whole way. They’ve been touring ever since, and last night they came through Reno. Thankfully a number of the Access Pass & Design crew got to go say hello (which we try to do when our backstage pass clients are in town).

Reno locals Locus and funk group Mark Sexton Band opened for Jurassic 5 and the evening’s overall performance was, according to one of our account managers Continue reading “Jurassic 5 on national tour, using Access custom backstage passes” »

Bill Nutt wins The Voice? The classic badges to riches story!

Josh Kaufman DoppelgängerWe just got word that our Creative Director, Bill Nutt, won The Voice last night!

It’s fitting, considering he actually designed some of the first custom backstage passes for The Voice years ago (see below). Hmmm, maybe that’s how he got backstage to audition in the first place…

However he did it, Bill apparently heard the sirens call of the spotlight, tried out, and won, all while fulfilling his duties as Creative Director at Access Pass & Design!

Ok, perhaps Bill didn’t ACTUALLY win. Continue reading “Bill Nutt wins The Voice? The classic badges to riches story!” »

Seven Simple Steps to Superb Conference Badge Design

Here are some words of wisdom from Clint Neuerburg, our Art Director, on how to get the most out of your conference badges.

custom-conference_passesAccess is known for lighting up the music world with great backstage pass design.

But truth be told, we do a ton of work for conferences, too. Who said stunning, functional event badge design was just for the rock-stars?

As any conference-goer can tell you, the look and feel of a conference badge reflects the conference itself. Badges can range from exquisite, gold-stamped, designer badges fit for the Sultan of Brunei to something pulled from the recycle bin at the downtown Copy-mart.

Not that a badge needs every bell and whistle to convey quality. In fact this blog is meant to show how a little design and some common sense will result in good-looking badges that serve as great networking tools and beautiful representations of your event and your brand sponsors.

We make thousands of conference badges each year, and while the design of each badge is ultimately dictated by the needs of the client, there are a few almost-universals we like to see. So read on! Continue reading “Seven Simple Steps to Superb Conference Badge Design” »