Tour Manager? We can help.

tour-manager-survial_kit-smallAt Access, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers (who are often in the throes of the chaos of an event) feel taken care of. You’ve probably seen the candy we put in our shipping boxes alongside our custom event badges – a little boost of sugar can go a long way when it’s 1 a.m. and you’re prepping for tomorrow’s kickoff. That said, some of our clients need a little bit more.

Tour managers (who make up almost a third of our clients, buying backstage passes from us for the world’s largest and most prestigious music tours and entertainment acts) live in the extremes of life while they’re on tour: working long hours, moving constantly, organizing groups of people, and reacting to never-ending change. No tour is the same. No gig is the same.

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And the Access Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge goes to…

Employee-of-the-week-award-badge-BrianBrian Balik!

Brian has earned our very first Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge.


Well, Brian successfully parked his truck in ONE parking space, rather than TWO, for the last THREE days in a row. He’s developed quite the reputation round these parts – parking his big Ford F150 six ways from Sunday, none of which seems to resemble a standard, civil, parking job.

But that all changed this week. Perhaps it was because of the company-wide announcements we’d make when his truck bed was fully spilling into another parking space, or when we propped his windshield wipers up because we couldn’t get into our own cars without squeezing like the pancake man at the end of BeetleJuice. Either way, he changed his ways.

We reward our employees for a job well done, whether it’s making the best backstage passes and sports and conference badges in the world, or simply fitting oneself between the lines.

And what better to give them to acknowledge their success? An Employee-of-the-Week Award Badge by Access!

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From The Vault: The beauty of holographic foil on Hairspray VIP pass

hairspray_smallSo every once in a while we hearken back to the passes we’ve made and come across extraordinary gems. This custom VIP pass was used to commemorate the opening night of the Hairspray musical at the Luxor in Las Vegas back in 2006! It was one of Rob Ahnlund’s (one of our award-winning graphic designers) first badges that he designed that incorporated multiple hits of holographic foil.

Well, the time has come to show you exactly how foil can make a pass come to life, and how better to do it than with this animated file, showing how the pass changes appearance as we move a light source from right to left. There’s a slight layer of transparent foil over her hair bow to bring it to life as well.

Congrats to Rob for designing a pass that has stood the test of time and we are quite proud to have worked with Hairspray and the Luxor.

Here’s to another 12 years of passes and event solutions that enhance both the management and the magic of live events – we couldn’t ask for a better line of work!

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Corporate event badges that make us salivate – foil makes it boil

crawfish_crawl_foil_stamped_corporate-vip_badgeNo, we don’t eat our badges. But quite often we get to work on badges for events we would love to go to, and Ingram Micro’s Crawfish Fest (a corporate event they threw for their company) is a prime example.

Simply an excuse to celebrate their company’s success and make their employees feel special, Ingram Micro threw their own Crawfish Fest and gave their employees corporate VIP badges, custom designed and crafted with love by Access Pass & Design. We got to have fun with putting holographic foil on the logo, which gives it that holographic rainbow look when exposed to light.

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FELD Motorsports Press Pass – Making VIPs feel special

Monster-Energy-supercross_vip_oval_passFELD Motor Sports is one of the biggest names in motorsports entertainment, producing such iconic shows as Monster Jam, Grave Digger, and the Monster Energy Supercross. Their events combine extreme motorsports and brand engagements to create exciting fan experiences and VIP events.

This year’s Monster Energy Supercross VIP passes look fantastic and celebrate the high-energy feel of FELD Motor Sports events, as well as the Monster Energy brand. The VIP pass is custom-shaped (oval) and has a hit of holographic foil to make the VIP level of the pass easy to see from far away. It has the date on the front to correspond with the date of the event (and to prevent it’s use at other events). Additionally, the back of the pass designates the type of VIP (Pressbox, Track Level, etc), and is numbered so that specific passes can be assigned to individuals.

We’re excited how great looking these custom event badges turned out, and we’re always proud to work with FELD Motor Sports to help enhance the management and the magic of their events!

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