Access demonstrates event management technology at National Sports Forum 2014

National-sports-forum_PhotoShare-Facebook-AccessFrom Top-Quality Event Credentials to Top-Quality Event Management Technology
Access introduced its event management technology at the National Sports Forum 2014 to representatives from sports teams, event marketing agencies, and sports industry vendors from around the country.

The event technology platform allowed National Sports Forum 2014 attendees (along with their tech-enabled custom conference badges using RFID/NFC technology) to accomplish four main digital (wireless) functions: access control, drink voucher redemption, automated photo upload to Facebook, and credential distribution. Continue reading “Access demonstrates event management technology at National Sports Forum 2014” »

RFID tags tested on space shuttle, used in passes


RFID and NFC tags are getting around! NASA previously tested the viability of RFID tags for many uses, both in space and earth-bound. Specifically, NASA was trying to “improve inventory control” while accounting for the bulkiness of the astronauts’ space suits, “particularly the heavy gloves worn by astronauts outside the space vehicles, which aren’t conducive to pushing buttons and handling scanners.” They saw RFID tags and readers as an easier solution than pressing buttons.

Additionally, NASA was interested in the hard-to-duplicate nature of RFID tags to aid in “anti-counterfeiting efforts across a range of industries, from aerospace parts to construction materials to cultured pearls.”

Amazingly enough, we’re doing similar things with our custom event passes. With wearable technology all the rage, we’re designing and manufacturing RFID event badges that allow for a more seamless attendee experience at events while increasing the security of access control and accounting for live-event attendee behavior! Continue reading “RFID tags tested on space shuttle, used in passes” »

Enhance Your Brand With Custom-Shaped Credentials

custom-shaped-event-credentials-backstage-passesThe days of being limited to rectangle credentials are over.

We at Access Pass & Design recognize that every logo and brand is unique, and not always a cookie-cutter shape. That’s why we offer custom credentials that can embrace the exact specs of your brand.

Motorcycles, guitars, beer cans, surfboards or any other polygon you can come up with, we can create it.

By having a custom shaped badge, your event attendees will instantly become brand ambassadors for you, while providing a memorable keepsake from the event! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to enhance your brand identity, make your event credentials custom! Continue reading “Enhance Your Brand With Custom-Shaped Credentials” »

Custom Conference Badge – Give every conference attendee professional recognition!


Creating custom conference badges
In the conference industry, we know there is an initial rush of registrations. We print variable data in batches to make certain you receive your badges in time for your event.

But what about those late registrations or walk-in’s who won’t get their pre-printed conference badge?

That’s where your “blank” conference badges come in handy.
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Why do we call our Custom VIP Passes “Matrix Laminates”?


Custom VIP Passes, or “Matrix Laminates”?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of a “VIP pass” before, as well as a “backstage pass”, and a “conference badge”. What about a “season credential” in sports?

The truth is, each industry calls their credentials (another word you may not have heard) by a different name. The concert touring folks often refer to them simply as “laminates” because the credentials themselves are usually printed cardstock (thick paper) or teslin (a poly substrate) that have been laminated to protect them, making them harder to counterfeit and improving their look and feel.

Laminated credentials have been the industry standard for many years and continue to prove themselves as an ideal way to control access. They’re hard to duplicate, easy to see, and have a “rock star” quality that everyone appreciates (and many desire).

Ultimately, when we make custom laminates and security credentials for top entertainers, sports teams, brands and agencies (American Idol, The Voice, the NY Yankees, Billboard Conference, Baltimore Ravens, and Jay Z, just to name a few), we let them call our product whatever they want!

But how is a “matrix laminate” special?

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