5 Tips: Get the most from your Conference Badges

Custom shapes, space for sponsor logos - our conference badges can be revenue drivers for your event!

Custom shapes, space for sponsor logos – our conference badges can be revenue drivers for your event!

Our conference badges are catching fire in the conference industry.

More than just a name, high quality, custom conference name badges transform event attendees into walking billboards and promote the event sponsors.

Our award-winning designs coupled with innovative marketing solutions (brand-specific shapes, QR codes, RFID technology) make for the perfect bridge between your live-event credential and a marketing campaign centerpiece.

5 TIPS to drive ROI using your badge:

Your badge is a sponsorship asset.

Some of our clients sell the back of their conference badges for upwards of $10k! Remember that your attendees are a rich, targeted market in front of which your sponsors want to gain exposure. Our classy, quality badges are kept long after the event and can become long-term impression generators for your sponsors.

A shaped conference badge, VIP pass, or hospitality badge allows you to accentuate your brand or your sponsor’s brand – to make it extremely authentic. A unique badge is more likely to be cherished, and is thus worth more to a sponsor.

Many of our clients accentuate their badge with add-ons like foil, UV ink, or cold lamination.

Incorporate technology to allow on-site activation of your conference badge or VIP pass. Bar codes, redemption codes, and RFID all allow for your attendee badges to become the keys to unlocking highly-entertaining experiences at your conference (which means a greater return rate). Exchange contact info, tie into a photo retrieval system, and gamify your event – all while using the badge around the necks of your attendees.

NFC tags and QR codes allow your conference badges to be portals to exclusive mobile experiences. Give your attendees a post-event experience that will entice them to return.

Event marketing agencies and brand activation agencies have long seen the branded event credential as the perfect keepsake for your event. Have your attendees bring their badges to your next event for exclusive access or special discounts. Encouraging attendees to keep the badge for next time will give benefit both to the attendees and the sponsors whose badges are being kept, expectantly!

Call us today to find out more about best uses of conference badges, not to mention custom backstage passes, VIP passes, custom sports season credentials, and other specialty printed collateral, to help accomplish one of your most important goals: drive revenue.

Ron Seaver, head of the National Sports Forum, said it most succinctly, “When it comes to putting on conferences, one of the most important things to us is making that great “first impression”. And for us, that first impression begins and ends with a conference badge from Access Pass & Design…simply put, they “get” it.”

Thanks Ron, and thanks to all our corporate conference and live event clients who use our conference badges and event credentials to make that great first and last impression for their event!

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Featured Client: Bill Cracknell – Tour Director, HEART


1) As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Circus Boss. For real. My favorite movie when I was a kid was The Greatest Show On Earth. Charlton Heston played Brad Braden, the circus boss. He could do anything from rigging tents to settling the gate to treating sick animals. Be careful what you wish for.

2) How did you get started in the Industry?
Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. I was a bass player coming out of school in the 70′s and pursued that for a decade or so. Had some marginal success but eventually gave it up. Had gotten to know a lot of national acts over the years and got a call one day about filling in as a guitar tech with Molly Hatchet. 1990 I guess. Sounded like fun so I did it on a lark. Did well, fill in became permanent. Had my first TM gig about a year later. I’m still trying to get home from that Hatchet tour…

3) What is your craziest work-related memory?
Wow. I can’t go there. I’m afraid but let me peruse the list for something outside the statute of limitations and within the boundaries of good taste and decent society. Just kidding! I wouldn’t know decent society if it jumped and bit me in the heinie. My sister dated a guy in high school named Doug Heiney and his dad’s name was Harry. And speaking of good taste, I had a girlfriend once named Ginger Snapp. I don’t remember the question.

4) What advice do you have for people getting into your line of work?
Don’t go to work as a guitar tech for Molly Hatchet. I don’t know how good of a gig that is anymore. Things have really changed since I started out. Universities offer courses in tour management now! WTF?!? Can a university teach you how to write backwards in sharpie on a passed out rigger’s forehead in the front lounge? I think not. But there are more paths than ever it seems, though there was never a single best method. Work, watch, listen, learn, network, network, and network. You still gotta take your lumps, MBA or not. But if it’s in your blood and you’re not a half-witted oaf, you’ve got a shot at a pretty good run.

Thanks Bill for your candor and hilarity!
~Team Access

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Our local all-stars: South Reno Babe Ruth

Access Pass & Design was proud to get the chance to work with some of our local sports stars from the South Reno Babe Ruth League. The 2011 Spring season went wonderfully and they ended the year with a fundraiser, the raffle tickets for which we printed and donated.

Ty Nebe, the president of the South Reno Babe Ruth League, wrote us a wonderful thank you letter.

He wrote, “your support and generosity will allow the League to make necessary improvements to our field and support our All-start teams cover travel expenses if they are fortunate to move on to the Regional Tournament.”

We were really pleased to work with Ty and the South Reno Babe Ruth league. As huge sports fans ourselves, it’s great to see our young local players grow and improve, and we’re happy to help keep the field in the best condition we can. And while it may be a very long-term investment, we’re banking that when all our Reno and Sparks-based all stars go on to be famous, they remember Access Pass & Design for their tickets and event credentials!