Seven Simple Steps to Superb Conference Badge Design

Here are some words of wisdom from Clint Neuerburg, our Art Director, on how to get the most out of your conference badges.

custom-conference_passesAccess is known for lighting up the music world with great backstage pass design.

But truth be told, we do a ton of work for conferences, too. Who said stunning, functional event badge design was just for the rock-stars?

As any conference-goer can tell you, the look and feel of a conference badge reflects the conference itself. Badges can range from exquisite, gold-stamped, designer badges fit for the Sultan of Brunei to something pulled from the recycle bin at the downtown Copy-mart.

Not that a badge needs every bell and whistle to convey quality. In fact this blog is meant to show how a little design and some common sense will result in good-looking badges that serve as great networking tools and beautiful representations of your event and your brand sponsors.

We make thousands of conference badges each year, and while the design of each badge is ultimately dictated by the needs of the client, there are a few almost-universals we like to see. So read on! Continue reading “Seven Simple Steps to Superb Conference Badge Design” »

What is RFID?

You’ve probably been hearing lots about the adoption or potential of RFID and NFC into some aspect of your industry. But what is RFID? What is NFC? And why is it relevant to the live-events industry especially?

Let’s explore a little about these expanding technologies!


how rfid worksRFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and their subset, NFC tags, are mini computer chip / antenna assemblies used for wireless identification and tracking. Currently, many smartphone brands can read NFC tags, and the numbers are growing.

But what does that mean? Continue reading “What is RFID?” »

Custom Drum Heads – 4 Tricks of the Trade

custom-drum-head-coldplay-sport-relief-2014Coldplay performing at Sport Relief 2014 on BBC

Our master craftsmen of custom drum heads have been making custom-designed drum heads for over ten years, giving the world’s most image-conscious bands, venues, and even sports teams that extra touch of branding pizzaz, and in record times.

The process of custom drum head printing is a little more complicated than one may think though, and we’ve become very familiar with it.

So without further ado, here are a few Tricks of the Trade Continue reading “Custom Drum Heads – 4 Tricks of the Trade” »

Rock ‘n Roll Cocktails to benefit brings VIPs, raises $550k+

Kerry Simon "Simon Says Fight MSA" Benefit Concert At The Keep Memory Alive Center In Las Vegas - Inside Concert / Party

The recap below is courtesy Alissa Kelly at PR Plus – Access was proud to produce event credentials for this fantastic (and poignant) event.

On Thursday night, the biggest names from the music and culinary world came together at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center for a special benefit in honor of Chef Kerry Simon who has been battling the effects of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) for several years, with the confirmation diagnosis coming just late last year. The event saw 450 guests and raised nearly $550,000 towards MSA clinical care and research. Continue reading “Rock ‘n Roll Cocktails to benefit brings VIPs, raises $550k+” »

DAYTONA 500 VIP Event uses Access Event Technology Platform, sends SMS messages for event coordination and VIP notification

Known as “The Great American Race”, the Daytona 500 is perhaps the most well-known motorsports event in the world, drawing over 20 million television viewers and 147,000 attendees to the Daytona International Motor Speedway each year.

nascar_garage_drive4copd_logoThis year, in coordination with DRIVE4COPD (a community health initiative to educate and screen the public for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) NASCAR held a VIP event in the infield prior to the race in which they used Access Event Technology Platform and NFC-enabled custom VIP passes to enhance the experience for the attendees and streamline the process for the event coordinators.

The VIP list included many notable guests including Continue reading “DAYTONA 500 VIP Event uses Access Event Technology Platform, sends SMS messages for event coordination and VIP notification” »