Now bringing you tools for both the management and the magic of successful live events.

Designs that enhance

Our conference badges, backstage passes, VIP credentials, and other specialty printed products are brilliant reflections of your organization's market identity.

The expertise you deserve

We've been providing custom backstage passes, live-event credentials, and conference badges for the world's most prestigious events, brands, entertainers, and sports teams for over 12 years. Some see our level of service and industry expertise as extraordinary. We see it as a given.


Now bringing you tools for both the management and the magic of successful live events.

Agility, personified

We understand the demands upon your schedules and the promises you've made to your brands, teams, and talent. You'll be amazed what live-event schedules we accommodate while maintaining our signature quality custom backstage passes and live event credentials.

Innovations that transform

We're blurring the lines between live-event security credentials and gateways to a new kind of experience. Call us today to find out how tech-enabled event badges can amplify your brand, increase ROI for your sponsors, and provide valuable attendee data.

At Access Pass & Design, we create extraordinary live-event credentials and custom printed collateral for the world's most prestigious entertainers, venues, festivals, brands, events, and sports teams. We offer a wide range of fully-customizable, specialty-branded products that include custom backstage passes, VIP passes, conference badges, and sports credentials (media credentials and press passes), as well as accompanying products like custom lanyards, hang-tags, wristbands, parking passes, and more. Our top-quality products amplify the branding of your performers, team, event or activation, encourage attendee participation, drive sponsor revenue and, through the inclusion of technology like QR codes, barcodes, and RFID/NFC tags, provide valuable measurable data and a more exciting user experience.

~ Alma Sheck // Spokesperson

"I just wanted you to know that what you guys did for me for the conference that I just came back from was such a huge hit, I can't even describe it. It was like nothing they had ever seen or thought of. They kept saying these conference badges are like backstage passes I see them wearing on TV. I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful job and for the help and guidance to make this a success."

- Service by Air

"Well its common knowledge in the industry that if you want the real thing, you guys are the go to company, & what are you doing still working at this time of night? I never expected to be dialoging back and forth with you this late...This service is un-matchable!!"

- Tour Manager - Dane Cook

"The credentials look great. And you guys really came through on such short notice - many thanks."

- Broadcast Synergy